The Final Kindle Post!

Overall, Kindles are a wonderful device that save space and the planet! However, the battery always declines easily and too fast for my liking, its not the same as a real book and does not entice me as much as a paperback would. I also can’t indulge as much whilst reading on a Kindle as I would with a non-virtual book, and I do love a good cover! So, my overall choice is…the classic paperback. Comment on your opinion, Kindle or Paperback? But whichever way you prefer, just keep reading those wonderful words.


Kindle “Against” Post No.3

I may have mentioned this before, but I am an extremely lazy person. So, to me charging ones Kindle is quite a tedious task. But its not because its complicated, in fact its quite simple. Its because the Kindle’s battery life lasts for about five minutes(slightly exaggerated). With a book, you can read to your hearts desire but with a Kindle you will always have a limited amount of time because of the battery. This annoys me especially because I read every single day, and my battery is always low no matter how much I charge it. Battery usage is a current problem with most technology, but we have the option to be able to read the same wonderful words with no battery problems whatsoever, so shouldn’t we? Maybe reading the old-fashioned way is more beneficial for literates who read at least once a day or more, and a Kindle is suited for the occasional readers. Or maybe my Kindle personally hates me so it is just my Kindle who’s battery life is annoyingly short. Whichever way, this is a flaw of the Kindle. Comment if your Kindle’s battery life is ridiculously short, or why it maybe just an aggravating glitch of mine. Keep reading those amazingly flawless words, whichever way!

The Kindle's battery is short-lived, is it not?

The Kindle’s battery is short-lived, is it not?

Kindle “For” post No.3

Are Kindles more "Green"?

Are Kindles more “Green”?

Kindles have no need for us to cut down thousands of trees. The pages aren’t made of paper, but environmentally-friendly digital pages! You could read thousands of books on the Kindle, and not a single tree would have to be cut! So, if there are ways for us as a species to be able to still indulge in a good piece of literature without hurting the already critical environment, then shouldn’t we be doing it? Its the same knowledge on a Kindle as it is in the book! Kindles are environmentally-friendly with exactly the same beautiful words as there are in the not-so environmentally friendly book sitting in Waterstones. So if you love that Earth and love your literature, maybe a Kindle is for you! Comment why you bought a Kindle or perhaps why you did not! Keep indulging in those lovely words, whichever way you do it.

Kindle “Against” Post No.2

You don’t get to see the cover of your book. The thing that draws our attention to the book in the first place is the cover! So how can we select our books properly on kindle? I know, I know “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but its natural, as humans, for us to make first impressions, and when it comes to books the cover makes us decide whether the book is for us or if it is not. Also, when a book has a nice cover, we feel proud to hold it, to look at it, to read it! It compels us to indulge and lose ourselves even more so in the book, but without the cover, what is there to feel proud about? And a book is not the same without the cover that drew us in in the first place, so for me this is a major downside.classic_red_book_cover

Kindle “For” Post No.2


You can have your whole library on one small device! If you’re ever in a situation where you feel like re-reading a book but you left it at home or possibly that you are being a busy bee and reading two books at once or more but only have room in your suitcase or carrying-contraption for just one book, never fear because the Kindle is here! All books that you have ever read on your kindle can be accessed any time, anywhere no problem. So you can basically take your whole library with you where ever you go! Accessing a whole load of literature has never been so easy! The Kindle is perfect for those multi-tasking readers who just can’t have enough books to take with them where ever the go.


Kindle “Against” Post No. 1

The feel of a book is part of the reading experience

The feel of a book is part of the reading experience

With a Kindle, you don’t get the feel of the book, which I personally think is one of the best parts of reading. The feel of the book makes the wonderful experience of reading complete, and without it the experience just simply feels wrong. I love the feeling of delicately turning the page, of holding the book open with just my thumb, and that self-satisfaction when you can hold your book all pages read, touched and creased and the second time of holding that book with no bookmark interrupting the beautiful flow of the pages. To have no feel of the book when reading is like taking the structure out of a poem, its just not the same.

Kindle; For or Against?

So, I don’t know about you, but I get very indecisive when my kindle and my paperback sit side by side, and I think “What should I do?” There are pluses and negatives to both methods of reading, and I really need to make a permanent decision otherwise I might go a little nutty, not that I am not already. So from this day forward, I will publish two posts a day(apart from on the English holidays) For and Against Kindles, and at the end of these posts hopefully I will have made a decision  and maybe I will have helped you in some way or another, too. Keep reading, whichever way you prefer.