My Review of the Manga Series “Deathnote”

“Deathnote” is one of the most moral and psychological based manga series I have yet to come across, and physically shows over a gradual and realistic proportion of time the main protagonists decline from quite a noble boy with good intentions to a crazed and quite frankly demonic and evil man who has lost almost all of his morals, and typically becomes the very thing he was trying to fight against at the start of the series. The books are about a 17 year old Japanese honour student named “Light Yagami” who finds a mysterious notebook with strange powers that connote to death and destruction. But, instead of being afraid of the notebook, Light decides to try and harness it’s power to rid the world of evil, a naive yet noble goal. However, can you rid evil from the world with an object that could be evil in itself? This series is full of morals, and makes the reader constantly question their own personal beliefs and followings, which can be rare in the world of literature. “Deathnote” is powerful in the way that it can easily change your opinion or rattle your inner beliefs, morals and sense of right and wrong. The series is also heavily based about the constant battle between the main protagonist and the law, especially the world’s top detective and the mysterious man behind the screen “L” and his genius heirs “M” or “Mello” and “N” or “Near”. Also, while Light tries to hide from the law and the three geniuses following his tracks, Light becomes involved with his own case, and is a detective by day supposedly trying to solve his own mysterious crime, but the criminal by night that is desperately trying to cover his tracks from his own investigation. Will the law catch up with Light? Or will he get away with leading a double life? This series is packed with plot twists, clever conundrums and an interesting storyline to tie it all up in a harrowing and dark package. This series is a great first-read for any new manga fans, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in crime novels or murder stories. It’s a wonderful read, and will keep you glued to the page till the very end. These books remind me of the dark potential in everyone, and how it can be easily switched on by just one strong and naive goal and a future hegemonic or perhaps utopian view of the world. If a book can remind
us of our evil potential and almost prove how delicate and fragile our moral system is, then I would say it definitely deserves to be read.

Have no idea what manga is? I will soon be publishing a post on what exactly manga is, and why I recommend this intriguing and culture-filled genre.

Keep reading those wonderful words, and delve into the world of Literature.