Kindle “Against” Post No.3

I may have mentioned this before, but I am an extremely lazy person. So, to me charging ones Kindle is quite a tedious task. But its not because its complicated, in fact its quite simple. Its because the Kindle’s battery life lasts for about five minutes(slightly exaggerated). With a book, you can read to your hearts desire but with a Kindle you will always have a limited amount of time because of the battery. This annoys me especially because I read every single day, and my battery is always low no matter how much I charge it. Battery usage is a current problem with most technology, but we have the option to be able to read the same wonderful words with no battery problems whatsoever, so shouldn’t we? Maybe reading the old-fashioned way is more beneficial for literates who read at least once a day or more, and a Kindle is suited for the occasional readers. Or maybe my Kindle personally hates me so it is just my Kindle who’s battery life is annoyingly short. Whichever way, this is a flaw of the Kindle. Comment if your Kindle’s battery life is ridiculously short, or why it maybe just an aggravating glitch of mine. Keep reading those amazingly flawless words, whichever way!

The Kindle's battery is short-lived, is it not?

The Kindle’s battery is short-lived, is it not?

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